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Design characteristics of Fluoroplastic Magnetic pump


Fluoroplastic Magnetic Pump is a new type of pump, which uses the principle of modern magnetics and the magnetic drive of permanent magnet to realize the non-contact transmission of torque, that is, when the motor drives the outer rotor (that is, the outer magnetic steel) assembly to rotate. The magnetic field through the isolation sleeve drives the inner rotor (I. E. inner magnetic steel) assembly and the impeller synchronous rotation fluoroplastic magnetic pump performance up to international standards, can replace expensive stainless steel, special alloy materials, imported Chemical Pumps.

Design characteristics of Fluoroplastic Magnetic Pump:

1. Seal: the shaft seal is cancelled and the magnetic coupling indirect drive is used to completely eliminate the trouble of leakage, which will not pollute the use of the site and keep the production site clean and tidy.

2. Material: the over-flow part of the pump is made of "fluoroplastic alloy". In addition to molten alkali metal and fluorine simple substance, can transport any concentration of acid, alkali, strong oxidant and other corrosive media without damage.

3. Pump body: although the contact liquid part is fluorine plastic, but the pump shell is metal material, so the pump body can withstand pipe weight and withstand mechanical impact.

4. External magnetism: all made of NdFeB. NdFeB magnets have strong magnetocrystalline anisotropy and high saturation magnetization.

5.Strengthening sleeve: the isolator sleeve is made of peek (polyether ether ketone) reinforced by carbon fiber. The heat resistance of 3Mpa-peek has the heat resistance of thermosetting plastics, and the thermal deformation temperature can be raised to 280 ℃. Polyether ether ketone (PEK), which is used at a temperature of about 200 ℃ for a long time, can still maintain high tensile strength and flexural modulus. It is also a very strong material.

6, base: adopt HT200 whole casting molding, upper and lower all adopt gantry milling machine to peel, the maximum limit achieves the level and stability of pump.


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